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APIARY 12: The Genre Jawn

In APIARY 12: THE GENRE JAWN, we are making a space for writing that challenges traditional boundaries of genre and form. This issue is dedicated to work that doesn't fit neatly into one genre category: this might mean hybrid or cross-genre writing that falls between the borders of poetry and prose, or an interdisciplinary project that involves a completely different medium like visual art, film, music, or performance. It might mean a collaboration with an artist in another genre. As long as the work draws from more than one genre and has some kind of written or spoken component, we are interested. We invite you to not just bend the rules, but reinvent them.

The issue itself will be published in dual forms: text and 2D visual art will be featured in a print run of the magazine, while multimedia works (audio, video, etc) will be published on our website alongside a free online PDF of the print issue.

Our poetry and prose editors will be reading collaboratively across their respective genres to select submissions for this issue. Your written work will be seen by an editor familiar with the genres it contains, while also inviting fresh eyes from those who do not normally read those genres. (For example, a piece containing both poetry and prose elements will be read by at least one poetry editor and at least one prose editor.) 

PLEASE NOTE that we are only seeking cross-genre, hybrid, interdisciplinary and multimedia pieces for this specific issue. As you prepare your work for submission, please carefully review our genre categories on Submittable and select the ones that apply to your work. We can't wait to see your experiments!



APIARY 12 is supported by The Velocity Fund and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

For formatting/length requirements, please review our guidelines in the tab below when preparing your submission! 
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