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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

APIARY X: What to Submit

Submissions are now open for Apiary Magazine's 10TH ANNIVERSARY issue! APIARY X is the culmination of a decade of writing, reading, publishing, dancing, and living in a shifting, evolving literary city. In this issue, we want you to mark your spot on Philly's ever-changing map, and excavate the stories hiding underneath your feet. 

 X is: a fixed point on the map; a way to mark where you’ve been; a place where something important is buried. It’s crossings and intersections: two disparate paths that come together at a single shared juncture. X is a piece of universal written language, a shared symbol and signature. Those who could not write or leave their name, often signed with an X. A mark left behind by anonymous voices. 

This Fall, we're asking our submitters to take stock of their place in a city's complicated, collective memory: How do generations of lived experience collide, connect, cycle back and overlap in your day, in your home, in your neighborhood? What is worth remembering, and how can those memories help us move forward? 

APIARY X is supported by The Velocity Fund and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.  


  APIARY showcases the best new poetry and prose from the Philadelphia diaspora. We publish all genres and all ages, in print once a year and online year-round. You can receive our magazine via subscription or in community spaces throughout the Philadelphia area.

  APIARY Online serves as a companion to the print edition in between publications and as an archive of work from previously published print editions. APIARY Online is always looking for exceptional work and is updated weekly. 

  APIARY is most interested in unpublished or new work, though we will publish previously printed work, particularly if we believe it can find a significant new readership in our pages. We do accept work submitted to other publications, but request that you immediately inform us if your piece has been selected for publication elsewhere. 

All submitted work will be considered for both print and web publication unless you state that you have a preference for either print or web publication. 

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